Core Leadership course at Kellogg, November 2015

Northwestern University's business school (Kellogg School of Management) is pleased to announce that its second annual "Leadership and Management in Core Facilities" course will be taught on November 16-19, 2015, in Chicago. This four day executive education program is designed specifically for directors, managers and business administrators overseeing core facilities. The program was developed to enhance participants' ability to think strategically and address the unique challenges of operating a small business within a non-profit environment. Topics to be covered include defining your value proposition, pricing strategies, managerial accounting, marketing, team building, how to use social networks, and innovation. Each topic is taught by a Kellogg faculty member who is a world-class expert in that field. During the course, participants will form teams and develop "applied learning projects" that will enable them to implement something new into their core facility that they learned about in the course. Course registration is limited to the first 25 applicants, and registration is online.  

Contact Phil Hockberger for more information.