2011 Meeting Agenda

Thursday, October 27, 2011

REGISTRATION: Hotel Lobby. You will get tickets for Reception Thursday night. 

9:00- 11:00  Continental Breakfast in Lobby (for all attendees)

12:00- 13:30 Lunch in Lobby (for all attendees)

15:00- 16:00 Coffee/snacks available (Lobby)

Satellite Meetings: (separate lecture series- 1 to 4 hours each; Salons A,B,C,D, Rooms 1-4)

Roche Applied Science-  

Customer presentations: Titanium Plus long read data, shotgun/16s metagenomic analysis, 454 process automation and co-assemblies with short read data   

Regional 454 technical support: an interactive session on data quality evaluation and troubleshooting, as well as FLX Plus implementation update

Todd Arnold, Roche 454, Vice President of Development:  Future developments coming from Roche 454 Sequencing


Agilent Genomics and Mass Spec-

 Welcome and Introduction Seth Crosby, Director alliances and Partnerships, Wachington U.

 Agilent's Electrophoresis solutions for DNA, RNA and Protein QC and Quantification.  Cathy Cutler, Field Application Scientist

Customization of the Agilent Workflow Applications ­ An Introduction to eArray.  Ken Olinger, Field Applcation Specialist

Working Lunch:  Strategies for RNA Target Enrichment.  David Weiss, Field Application Specialist

Agilent GeneSpring: Integrated Multi-omics Analysis Software.  Antoni Wandycz, Bioinformatics Technical Specialist

Next Gen Automation: Increase laboratory throughput by automating NGS sample preparation Alicia Burt, Technical Marketing Specialist

Discover more, Sequence Less: SureSelect Platform Updates.  Sheila Purim, Technical Marketing Specialist

Using Metabolomics to Study Biologically Important Problems: ­ Malaria and Mycobacterium tuberculosis as Metabolomics Case Studies.  Steve Fischer, Senior Applications Scientist, Metabolomics

Questions, Conclusion, and Wrap-Up.  Cindy J. Liebson, Account Manager


ThermoFisher Scientific Satellite Meeting-  

 Ultra High Performance NanoLC-MS/MS Analysis of Complex Proteomic Samples, Pashmi, LC-MS Specialist, Bannockburn, IL 

JTargeted Mass Spectrometry Quantitation Assays for Signal Transduction Protein Pathways, ohn Rogers, Ph.D., Research and Development Manager, Rockford, IL 

 Introducing the New Orbitrap Elite and Q Exactive for New Quantitative and Qualitative Capabilities, Kiyonami, Ph.D., Senior Marketing Specialist, San Jose, CA

Affymetrix Satellite Meeting-

Welcome and introduction Clint VanValkenburgh, Senior Account Manager, Midwest, Affymetrix

Advanced applications of microarrays in gene expression studies: How microarrays complement NGS studies Nick Mapara, Regional Marketing – North America, Global Field Marketing, Affymetrix

Portfolio overview: Latest microarray products for advanced gene expression analysis

Tsetska Takova, MS, MBA, Director, Product Marketing, Gene Expression Arrays and Reagents, Affymetrix

The use of QuantiGene® technology for microarray and NGS validation

Maureen Hughes, PhD, QuantiGene and Procarta Sales Specialist, Affymetrix

Advances in population-optimized association studies with the Axiom® Genotyping Solution

Damir Herman, PhD, Bioinformatics Field Scientist, Affymetrix

Technical applications of Affymetrix in the clinical research sector  Nick Mapara, Regional Marketing – North America, Global Field Marketing, Affymetrix

Wrap-up  Clint VanValkenburgh, Senior Account Manager, Midwest Academic, Affymetrix

Partek Workshop-

Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis in Partek® Genomics Suite™ Software. Xiaowen Wang, Field Application Specialist, Partek Inc. 

DNAStar Talk-
DNASTAR Lasergene Software for Sanger and Next-Gen Sequence Assembly and Analysis, Protein Analysis, and Classic Molecular Biology Techniques  Brian Anderson, DNAStar Sales Representative

Ingenuity Workshop- 

The Path from Instrument to Insight:  Ingenuity iReport and the advantages it can bring to a core lab settingEric Rappaport, Core Lab Director at Children’s Hospital in Pennsylvania

Fluidigm Talk-

Clearing the Sample Prep Bottleneck in Targeted-resequencing

Reception:  Haymarket Pub and Brewery, 737 W. Randolph

Friday, October 28, 2011

9:009:25Opening Remarks: Bill Hendrickson, University of Illinois at Chicago; Tony Yeung President,
9:3010:15Keynote Speaker: Steve Bobin, Dartmouth Medical School:  
Quality Perception and Why Business Skills are Important
10:0011:00Coffee available(Lobby)      
10:1519:00Vender exhibits open (Salon D)      
10:3012:15Discussion Panel (Salon A,B,C): Money Matters     
  Steve Bobin, Administrator Coordinator for Shared Resources, Dartmouth Medical School 
  Jennifer Wei, Manager of Cost Studies, Northwestern U    
  Cassandra Wong, U. Michigan Medical School     
  Moderator: Karen Staehling, Stowers Institute     
12:1513:30Lunch (Lobby)
13:4515:45Invited Speakers: Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics     
  Neil Kelleher, Northwestern U.: A Top Down Approach to the Human Proteome  
  Richard Caprioli, Vanderbilt U.: Imaging Mass Spectrometry: New insights into Biology
 and Medicine
16:0018:00Panel Discussion: Common Problems in Core Facilities    
  MS/Proteomics Core: Henriette Remmer, U. Michigan    
  Genomics Core: Kenneth Beckman, University of Minnesota    
  Imaging Core:  Winfried Wiegrabe, Stowers Institute    
  Flow Cytometry Core: Charles Kuszynski, U. Nebraska Medical Center   
  Moderator: Susan Meyn, Vanderbilt U     
18:0019:30Poster Session  (wine and cheese social) Salon D     
19:30 Dinner (open time)       


Saturday, October 29

7:309:00Full Breakfast (Lobby)       
8:009:00Keynote speaker: Mark Lively, Wake Forest University    
9:0010:15Breakout session I:(concurrent)      




a. Cellular and Animal Imaging (Metro 1)

Winfried Wiegrabe, Stowers  


b. Monoclonal Antibody/Hybridoma 

(Metro 2) Rob Carnahan, Vanderbilt University





c. Proteomics 

(Metro 3)



d. Next Generation Sequencing (Salon A)

Alvaro Hernandez, Keck Center, U. Illinois

10:3011:45Breakout session II(concurrent)      




a. Bioinformatics

(Salon A)

James Cavalcoli, U. Michigan Cntr for Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics


b. Microarray/qPCR

(Metro 2)

Sandra Splinter-BonDurant,    U. Wisconsin-Madison, Gene Expression Center







c. open to any group 




d. High Throughput Screening (Metro 2)

Julie Conkright, Stowers; Sam Bettis, U. Chicago

12:0013:00MWACD Organizational Meeting & Lunch     
13:0017:00Mini MBA course - Part I (Salon A)Steve Bobin, Instructor, Dartmouth Medical School  
How do business skills add value to Core Facility operation? Through the use of a case study spanning the lifetime of a
 Core Facility it will be shown how business skills can improve overall operability. Topics will include, but will not be
restricted to: business plans, personnel, inventory management, identifying costs, setting rates, equipment purchases,
marketing, compliance and Lean Six Sigma. The case study will provide an example of a poorly conceived, poorly
managed and poorly staffed core facility in action. The class will work through the case point by point identifying specific
business skills, knowledge or regulatory savvy that would help in solving or preventing the problems presented in the
 case study
18:00 dinner (free time)       
Sunday, October 30        
8:0012:00Mini MBA course - Part II (Salon A,B,C)      
  Steve Bobin, instructor, Dartmouth Medical School    
10:0011:00coffee available(Lobby) 
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