Travel Awards

Travel awards to the 2016 MWACD Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio are available to core scientists who have made outstanding scientific and/or administrative contributions in their institutional core facilities; have developed new biotechnologies with applications in core facilities; and/or have been active in MWACD and/or ABRF activities. Core facility personnel or administrators that are new to the ABRF or MWACD organizations are also encouraged to apply.  The MWACD will be providing two travel awards that cover registration plus up to $500 in qualifying travel expenses.

 Application Deadline: Aug 26th, 2016 (Successful applicants will be notified by Aug 30th, 2016) 

Application: Applicants will need to complete the application form to be eligible.  The applicant should be sure to highlight the contributions they have made to their core and what the applicant hopes to gain from attendance. 

Qualifying Expenses:  Meeting registration, hotel, airfare, mileage


Questions:   If an applicant has questions concerning filing an application, please contact Karen Staehling (Phone: 816-926-4416, Email: